Renting information – for the long term

Amsterdam is one of the greatest cities to live, proved by various lists every year. The architecture, history and culture make it an exciting place to live – especially because it’s one of the most expat-friendly cities around the world. So if you come to live here, why not make it even better and rent a houseboat; without a doubt the most typical accommodation for the city of Amsterdam. Let’s have closer look at the pro’s (and the few cons) of living on the water.


  1. Living on an Amsterdam houseboat is just super cool. Yes, we can’t put it any other way. Picture yourself living on one of the famous canals while ducks and swans swim by. Sit back, relax and realize: you’re the king of the world!
  2. Enjoy the ever changing scenery. Living on the water gives an extra dimension to the ‘Amsterdam experience’. Every time you look out of your window, your views on the city will be different. Every hour of the day, every day of the year.
  3. No worries about comfort: houseboats are more ‘house’ than ‘boat’. Especially the long term houseboat rentals in Amsterdam have a great level of comfort, often even with floor heating, large bathrooms, high ceilings and great interior designs.
  4. You live on a detached house, in the centre of Amsterdam! Yes, this is as close as it gets to living in a detached house: you don’t have any direct neighbors, resulting in a unique experience of freedom.
  5. Don’t worry about sea sickness. Yes, it’s a boat technically, but Amsterdam houseboats are moored and won’t move, even with the most sever autumn storms.
  6. It’s a great conversation starter. Not that we don’t believe you have great stories already, but still: once you mention that you live on a houseboat, people will want to know everything: “Wow, great! Where, how? Tell me!”
  7. Houseboats have more character than a regular condo. Floating homes are generally owned by people who love to think out of the box. This results in great designs, great interiors and just a great atmosphere. Just have a look at the pics of the houseboats that we have for rent and you know what we mean!
  8. Houseboats are warm – even on the coldest winter days. We can imagine that you have cold feet about living on a houseboat during the winter season. However, most houseboats that we offer have floor heating and of course great insulation. And in quite a lot of boats you will even find a wood stove to enjoy those nice long winter nights!
  9. It’s life changing. According to Richard Branson¬†living on a houseboat was on nr 11 of the 65 things that changed his life. Quite inspiring, ins’t it!


We hope to have given you some answers to the questions that you might have about living on a houseboat in Amsterdam. We look forward to hear from you if you’re interested in on of our long term houseboat rentals!