Book a houseboat in Amsterdam and live like a local

Back in the days, boats were reserved for leisurely cruising. Today, many vacationers to Amsterdam can’t get enough of the amazing experience of staying in a boathouse. Renting a houseboat is a great way to see nature at its finest from a unique perspective – even in an urban environment like Amsterdam. Staying in a hotel or luxury resort can get a bit boring. With a houseboat, amazing views are never far away and you will experience what it is like to live like a local.

A houseboat holiday offers lots of possibilities that you don’t get when staying in a  regular apartment or hotel room. Especially when renting a driving houseboat. For example: are you tired of your neighbors? Change slips, and you will find yourself staying next to someone else. Don’t feel like going to the grocery stores? Bring out your hooks and line for a great fishing adventure. Life on a floating home is indescribable; it’s something you have to experience firsthand to know what staying on a boathouse is like. If you’re planning your next family vacation or honeymoon to Amsterdam, renting a houseboat is also highly recommended. You won’t be able to drive the boat since the floating homes in this city are all docked, but there are countless other great reasons to rent a houseboat in the capital of The Netherlands. But first something about the history of this special way of living.


The evolution of Amsterdam houseboats

Houseboats in Amsterdam have historic charm and play a significant role in the rich historical past of the city.  You’ll find lots of old ships converted into living spaces and uniquely designed floating mansions. After World War II, the city suffered a major housing shortage. As a result, lots of families turned old cargo ships into living quartets and docked along the canals in order to avoid the expensive housing and taxes. Yes, just a few decades ago, living on a houseboat was something for the less fortunate. Though life on a boat might have been uncomfortable, it was affordable. Not only that, locals can easily change the position of their home. This led to the popularity of houseboats. How things have changed! Today, floating homes are just as luxury and at least as expensive as regular houses – especially the stationary houseboats built on concrete barges. These places are seen by most tourists as a beautiful place to stay as they come fully equipped with state of the art amenities guaranteeing a comfortable stay for occupants.


Book a houseboat in Amsterdam


Luxury accommodation at affordable prices

Renting a houseboat is like staying in a luxury resort or a fully equipped vacation rental. In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of tourists visiting Amsterdam, thanks to its world-class tourist facilities and attractions. This led to an increase in the cost of accommodation.  Contrary to popular belief, houseboats are actually cheaper when compared to hotel accommodation. When it comes to eating out, Amsterdam can be an expensive city. If you decide to stay in a hotel, you have no other option than to take your friends and family to a local restaurant. That’s not the case with a floating home. Most houseboats come with a full kitchen, allowing you to prepare your meal. This way, you can save more on food. Be sure to book ahead of time to hone in on the best deals.


Things to Do On a Houseboat

One of the questions most people ask often: What’s there to do while floating on the waters? The way you spend your houseboat vacation depends on your lifestyle. There are plenty of activities to do. It affords you the chance to do something new and different. Find your way to the top of the deck and laze in the sun. Other activities include fishing, jet skiing, waterskiing and kayaking. The possibilities are endless. Just step aboard and enjoy magnificent ocean views.

A houseboat holiday in Amsterdam is truly a remarkable experience. Don’t know where to start? Have no worries, as has got you covered. They offer an amazing variety of houseboats that fit you and your friends and family at the best price.


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